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Hello and welcome to the OMG website and community forums.

For those of you who are not familiar with us, allow me to introduce us to you. We are an Alliance guild on the Aszune server, enjoying the game of World of Warcraft. Just like every other guild, we are the best guild there is. Then what is the difference with those others you ask? Well, in our case, it happens to be true. We see ourselves as a mature guild, offering our members a maximum of options in the game. All of that on a voluntary base, and in a friendly atmosphere. As a result, the average age of our players is not to be found within that unlucky part of the population that sees its rights to enjoy life to its fullest, with a glass of beer in its hand, severely restricted.

This does not mean we do not have any under-age members. Far from it. However, if your play style includes spamming every chat in game with useless yet in your eyes incredibly cool remarks, this might not be the guild for you. Within the guild we try to create a friendly atmosphere. We are only human of course, and are very well aware of that. Tensions and problems are present wherever more than one person is present at the same time (and yes, it is always the fault of the other one). Within our officers and members however, there will always be someone that will try to look for a solution.

In order to give our members the possibility to enjoy every aspect of the game, we organize regular raids. We do not force any of our members to be part of those. If you like doing your thing in the game together with us, but that thing does not includes raiding, then so be it. Most of our members however have taken a liking to raiding, and we raid about 2 sometimes 3 times a week. Since we do not have the required manpower to do the 25-men content, we are at the moment limited to the 10-man dungeons. For those that are interested in raiding, realize that we try to give all our members a chance to come along. Hardcore raiders will not find OMG to be their thing. If you like to raid once or twice a week, then you should get what you want in our guild.

Of course we do expect those members that raid with us to do their part for the raid, i.e. try get geared up outside the raid instances as well. Besides the raiding, we try to get some heroics done. This is however left to the personal initiative of our members. The guild has some excellent enchanters and jewelcrafters to help you fine-tune your gear to your very wishes. 

OMG is not actively recruiting at the moment, but we are always interested to get some new members. However, in order to remain a social guild, we have decided to grow only slowly, so we can absorb the new players, and let them get used to our guild. Most of our members got in because they are real life or in-game friends of our members. If this is not the case with you, but you realize that I wasn't lying to you when I said OMG is the best guild there is, do not hesitate to post an application.

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